Crime statistics

What types of crime statistics are you interested in?

1. Latest NSW crime report

Every three months BOCSAR publishes a report showing crime trends for all of NSW, plus each region and Local Government Area (LGA). For our latest report visit our recorded crime reports page.

2. Crime Mapping Tool

Visit our interactive Crime Mapping Tool and prepare your own tailored crime report showing the latest maps, graphs and data on crimes, victims and offenders in NSW LGAs, suburbs or postcodes.  


For an online demonstration on how to use our Crime Mapping Tool, see our YouTube tutorial.

3. Other online data tools

There are three additional LGA (council area) crime tools available, which provide annual data.

4. LGA Excel Tables

If you prefer an already prepared file, our LGA excel tables provide five calendar years of crime data for over 60 offences for each NSW LGA. These files also include LGA information about victims and alleged offenders, alcohol related crimes, crimes occurring at different premises types as well as during different months and times of the day.

5. Long term crime trends in NSW

For data and graphs showing rates of 10 categories of violent and property crime since 1990, see our long term trends file.

6. Datasets for researchers

The Recorded Crime Dataset contains monthly LGA data on all criminal incidents recorded by NSW Police since January 1995 onward by offence type. The Ranking Dataset contains LGA information on annual criminal incidents, rates per 100,000 population and ranks for selected offences recorded by NSW Police since January 2009 onward.