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Mapping the increase in amphetamine and cocaine use in NSW

- The rising problem of increased amphetamine use (also referred to as ice, meth or methamphetamine) has been widely reported in the media in recent times. The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) has reported an increase in police recorded incidents of possess/use amphetamine in NSW each quarter since June 2010 (see past crime reports here).  The latest crime statistics continue to show a large increase (up 38%) in use/possess amphetamines in NSW in the 24 months to June 2015. 

- Possess/use cocaine is much less common but has also increased over the past five years, trending upwards in 11 of the past 20 quarterly crime reports. The June 2015 quarterly crime statistics showed a large increase (up 47%) in possess/use cocaine in NSW over the previous 24 months.

- While police detections for both drugs are rising significantly there are considerable differences in the spatial distribution of these increases.  The map below shows which parts of NSW have increased detections for possess/use amphetamine and/or cocaine.

- The map below shows that the increase in use/possess amphetamines is distributed over much of the state, with 20 out of 28 regions showing an increase in this offence. Regional NSW is particularly affected.

- In comparison, the increases in use/possess cocaine are restricted to just three areas within Sydney: South West Sydney, Parramatta and the Eastern Suburbs. All three of these regions also experienced a significant increase in amphetamines.

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Updated 22 October 2015

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