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Are NSW Courts becoming more lenient?


The table below shows the percentages of convicted offenders sentenced to imprisonment in either the NSW Local or Higher Courts where their principal offence^ was either a violent or property crime.

YearPercentage of offenders imprisoned for violent crime*Percentage of offenders imprisoned for property crime**
Jan to Dec 201014.4% 16.9%
Jan to Dec 2011 14.4% 16.4%
Jan to Dec 2012 14.2% 16.6%
Jan to Dec 201315.8% 18.0%
Jan to Dec 2014 16.1% 18.1%

^ Where a person has been found guilty of more than one offence, the offence which received the most serious penalty is the principal offence.

* Includes Homicide and related offences, Acts intended to cause injury, Sexual assault and related offences, Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons, Abduction, harassment and related offences, Robbery, extortion and related offences.

** Includes Unlawful entry with intent/burglary, break and enter, Theft and related offences, Fraud, deception and related offences, Property damage and environmental pollution.