Large Excel data files for researchers

The data files below are very large and are suitable for researchers. They contain crime data recorded by the NSW Police Force on their Computerised Operational Policing System (COPS). The six main crime data sources available from BOCSAR as well as their relationships to each other are displayed in this Recorded Crime Data Model.  As the Model shows, BOCSAR has data on the incident recorded by the NSW Police, together with any victims, objects or vehicles involved in the incident and any persons of interest causing the incident with any offences they may have been charged with. Also included with the Model is a list of the data items available in each of the data sources and the data items used to uniquely identify those data sources.

Recorded Crime Dataset

The Recorded crime datasets contain information on all criminal incidents recorded by NSW Police between January 1995 and December 2017. The data is presented by offence type, month and Local Government Area or suburb.

The dataset is provided in an Excel spre​​adsheet and compressed to download efficiently as a winzip file. For information about winzip files visit

Ranking dataset                

The Ranking dataset contains information on annual criminal incidents, rates per 100,000 population and ranks for 27 selected offences recorded by NSW Police between January 2013and December 2017for each NSW Local Government Area.

Please note that each offence is displayed in a separate tab of the Excel workbook.