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Amphetamines and cocaine statistics for NSW

Meth/amphetamines comes in many forms including powder/pills (speed), crystal methamphetamine (crystal meth or ice) and a sticky paste (base). Ice is usually the most pure form, followed by base then speed. Cocaine (coke) is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug. It is usually snorted as a powder, inhaled as smoke or injected as a solution.

According to the latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey (2017), about 1.3 million (6.3%) Australians aged 14 and over indicated that they had used meth/amphetamines at some stage in their lifetime and 280,000 (1.4%) had done so in the last 12 months. Similar proportions were found for cocaine use (9% for lifetime use and 2.5% for recent use). 

The following table provides information on the short (2 year) and medium (5 year) term trends in the number of incidents of use/possess amphetamines and cocaine offences recorded by the NSW Police Force by region (Statistical Area).

Tables: Use Possess Amphetamines and Cocaine Excel Table

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The map below shows the rate per 100,000 population for use/possess amphetamine offences recorded by the NSW Police Force by Statistical in 2019.