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Domestic violence​ statistics for NSW

Domestic violence is a serious problem which impacts many NSW families. In 2016, an estimated 17 per cent of Australian women aged 18 years and over (or 1.6 million women) had experienced violence by a partner since the age of 15 years (ABS Personal Safety Survey 2017).

The following table provides information on trends and patterns in domestic violence incidents reported to, or detected by, the NSW Police Force. Data is available on:

  • types of domestic violence incidents recorded by police;
  • spatial distribution of domestic violence incidents, including locations and premises at which these incidents occur;
  • time of day, day of week and month that domestic violence incidents occur;
  • involvement of alcohol in domestic violence incidents; and
  • information about victims and perpetrators involved in domestic violence incidents, including their gender, age, Indigenous status and victim-offender relationship

Tables: Domestic Violence Excel Table

The next update will be available: December 2020

Full list of available reports

The map below shows the rate per 100,000 population for domestic violence related assault offences recorded by the NSW Police Force by Statistical Area in 2019.