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 1. Offences involving weapons  

Recorded crime statistics show no increase in violent offences involving firearms or knives in the year to March 2023.  The number of murders, attempted murders, assaults and robberies involving knives or firearms were lower in the year to March 2023 than in almost any other year in the past two decades.

TablesFirearm and knife violence statistics

The chart below shows information about the number of offenders proceeded against by the NSW Police for offences involving a knife by age.

2. Non-fatal shooting offences

This section presents data on incidents of non-fatal shootings recorded by the NSW Police Force, in particular shoot with intent to murder, shoot with intent other than to murder, discharge firearm into premises and unlawfully discharge firearm.

Tables:  Non-fatal shootings excel file

The first chart shows the long term trends in the number of non-fatal shooting in NSW.

The following chart shows the premise type where non-fatal shooting incidents occurred. 

Note: Unlawfully discharge firearm – incidents where gunshots are fired with the apparent intention to threaten or frighten the victim. Discharge firearm into premises – the intention is usually to threaten rather than to physically harm residents. Shoot with intent - incidents where a victim is deliberately shot. These are classified as shoot with intent to murder or shoot with intent other than to murder.