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Aboriginal / Indigenous Australians

See also Aboriginal over-representation in the NSW Criminal Justice System

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collapse Year : 2022 ‎(7)
Trends in the Aboriginal female adult custodial population in NSW, March 2013 to February 2021Sep
The victimisation of people with disability in NSW: Results from the National Disability Data Asset pilotSep
Long-term re-offending rates of adults and young people in NSWSep
Aboriginal over-representation in the NSW Criminal Justice System quarterly update March 2022Jun
Trends in domestic violence-related stalking and intimidation offences in the criminal justice system: 2012 to 2021Jun
The impact of the NSW Youth Koori Court on sentencing and re-offending outcomesApr
Aboriginal over-representation in the NSW Criminal Justice System quarterly update December 2021Mar
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(7)
Aboriginal over-representation in the NSW Criminal Justice System quarterly update September 2021Dec
The impact of the NSW Driver Licence Disqualification Reforms on sentencing and reoffendingNov
The impact of the 'What's Your Plan?' program on ADVO breaches and domestic violenceOct
Aboriginal over-representation in the NSW Criminal Justice System quarterly update June 2021Sep
Aboriginal over-representation in the NSW Criminal Justice System quarterly update March 2021Jul
Understanding the decline in Aboriginal young people in custody in NSW from 2015 to 2019May
What factors influence police and court bail decisions?Mar
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(2)
The impact of COVID-19 measures on the NSW adult prison populationAug
Circle Sentencing, incarceration and recidivismApr
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(3)
'What's your plan?' process evaluationDec
Offending over the life course: Contact with the NSW criminal justice system between age 10 and age 33Apr
Effect of Indigenous status on sentence outcomes for serious assault offencesJan
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(2)
Indigenous imprisonment in NSW: A closer look at the trendNov
Predictive validity of risk/needs assessment for young offenders under community supervisionJun
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(1)
What's causing the growth in Indigenous Imprisonment in NSW?Aug
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(1)
Prison penalties for serious domestic and non-domestic assaultOct
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(1)
Offending, custody and opioid substitution therapy treatment utilisation among opioid-dependent people in contact with the criminal justice system: Comparison of Indigenous and non-Indigenous AustraliansSep
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(1)
The impact of the NSW Young Offenders Act (1997) on the likelihood of a custodial orderJan
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(1)
How much time? Indigenous status and the sentenced imprisonment term decision in New South WalesAug
collapse Year : 2010 ‎(2)
Reducing indigenous contact with the court systemDec
Re-thinking Indigenous over-representation in prisonDec
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(2)
Why are indigenous imprisonment rates rising?Aug
The role of drug and alcohol policy in reducing Indigenous over-representation in prisonJul
collapse Year : 2008 ‎(6)
Theories of Indigenous violence: a preliminary empirical assessmentAug
Predictors of Indigenous Arrest: An Exploratory StudyAug
Diversion of Indigenous juvenile offendersJun
Juvenile diversion and Indigenous offenders: a study examining juvenile offenders in Western Australia, South Australia and New South WalesJun
Does circle sentencing reduce Aboriginal offending?May
Does the lack of alternatives increase the risk of a prison sentence?Jan
collapse Year : 2007 ‎(1)
Does Racial Bias in Sentencing Contribute to Indigenous Overrepresentation in Prison?Jun
collapse Year : 2006 ‎(2)
Reducing Aboriginal Over-Representation in Prison: A rejoinder to Chris CunneenNov
Indigenous over-representation in prison: The role of offender characteristicsSep
collapse Year : 2001 ‎(3)
Aboriginal victimisation and offending: The picture from police recordsDec
The scope for reducing Indigenous imprisonment ratesMar
Factors underlying Indigenous arrest ratesJan
collapse Year : 1999 ‎(2)
Race and offensive language chargesAug
The effect of arrest on Indigenous employment prospectsJun
collapse Year : 1997 ‎(1)
Aborigines and public order legislation in New South WalesFeb
collapse Year : 1992 ‎(1)
'Dry zones' and crime in Walgett: An evaluation of the Local Government (Street Drinking) Amendment Act 1990Jan
collapse Year : 1987 ‎(1)
Criminal justice in North-West New South WalesJan
collapse Year : 1979 ‎(1)
Aboriginal People and the NSW Criminal Justice System: A Review of Existing InformationNov
collapse Year : 1972 ‎(1)
Aborigines in Prison Census 1971Apr

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