Local Government Area Crime Reports


Date: 9 Nov 2007

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research today announced the introduction of a new series of Local Government Area crime reports.

The reports are designed to assist the Crime Prevention Division, Local Governments and communities in planning crime prevention initiatives.

Each Local Government Area crime report will contain maps showing the location of all the major crime hotspots. It will also contain graphs indicating what times of the day, days of the week and months of the year, crime rates in the area tend to peak.

The crime hotspots are presented in a way that helps the crime prevention planning process while at the same time protecting the privacy of crime victims.

The first report, which deals with the Sydney LGA, was released today. Future reports will be placed on the Bureau's website ( www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au) as and when they become available.

In the Sydney Local Government Area crime is generally higher in the northeast of the Sydney LGA, with Kings Cross being a hotspot for most offences. Camperdown, Rosebery, Zetland and Alexandria have lower levels of crime.

Assault -  domestic violence related (map page 13).

  • This offence is very prevalent in the entertainment areas of Kings Cross and, to a lesser extent, Oxford Street/Taylor Square. There are also high volumes of offending in the residential areas of Waterloo/Redfern, Surry Hills and Chippendale. Fifty-one per cent of incidents are alcohol-related.

Non-domestic assault (map page 15)

  • There are high levels of non-domestic assault in Kings Cross, George Street (between Liverpool and Market Streets) and Oxford Street/Taylor Square.
  • A large proportion of these offences occur on Sunday morning (between 12 am and 6 am: 16% of incidents), and Saturday morning (between 12 am and 6 am: 11% of incidents). Forty-six per cent of incidents occurred outdoors; 20% in licensed premises; and 10% in residential premises. Fifty-four per cent of incidents are alcohol-related.

Robbery (map page 19)

  • The highest concentration of robbery incidents was in Kings Cross and Surry Hills/Redfern. Seventy-two per cent of robberies took place outdoors, suggesting the target was a person (rather than a shop or other commercial premises). Where the victim was a person, 73% were male; where the offender was known, 84% were male.

Steal from person (map page 29)

  • There was a high concentration of offending around Haymarket/Chinatown and around the George Street cinema and shopping strip between Liverpool and Market Streets. There were also pockets of offending around Kings Cross and Taylor Square. Thirty per cent of incidents occurred in retail premises, 29% occurred in outdoor/public places and 26% in licensed premises. Seventy-three per cent of victims were female; very few offences had a known offender.

Steal from motor vehicle (map page 27)

  • There was a high concentration of offending around Woolloomooloo and Haymarket with a smaller pocket of offending on the western side of Darling Harbour in Pyrmont. Sixty-seven per cent of offences took place outdoors and 28% occurred in carparks.

Malicious damage to property (map page 33)

  • The offence is widespread across the LGA, with high concentrations in Kings Cross, Haymarket/Chinatown, Redfern, Waterloo and Pyrmont (near Darling Harbour). Forty-one per cent of incidents took place outdoors, 27% took place on residential premises, 9% took place in retail/wholesale areas and 8% occurred in carparks.

Commenting on the report, the Director of the Bureau, said that he hoped the reports would give people a better understanding of crime in their area and promote cooperation between community groups, Local Government and the State Government to help prevent and control crime.

Further enquiries: Dr Don Weatherburn. 0419-494-408, 02-9231-9190.