The nature of assaults on licensed premises


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Release date: 18 March 2010

New figures released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reveal that one in eight people recorded by police as having assaulted someone on licensed premises are security guards or other staff employed by the licensed premises.

Patrons and prospective patrons account for the majority (77 per cent) of people recorded by police as having assaulted someone on licensed premises. About a quarter of these assaults committed either by a patron upon being evicted from the premises or by a prospective patron upon being refused entry to the premises.

Licensed premises staff are also often victims of assault. Patrons account for 62 per cent of the victims in assaults on licensed premises but security guards and other staff account for 22 per cent of assault victims, while evicted patrons and police account for six and five percent of assault victims, respectively.

The Bureau found that only 76 per cent of assaults recorded by police as having occurred on licensed premises actually occurred inside a building on the premises (57%) or on an outdoor location within the grounds of the premises, such as in the beer garden or carpark (19%).

However twenty-one percent of incidents occurring off the premises were indirectly linked to the premises; occurring near the premise (such as on the footpath) and involving either premises staff, patrons or people refused entry.

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