Latest crime data shows an increase in retail theft

NSW Recorded Crime Statistics quarterly update June 2019

Full report: NSW Recorded Crime Statistics quarterly update June 2019, pdf 1.2Mb

Embargo: 10.30am, Monday 09 September 2019

In the 24 months to June 2019, only one of the 17 major offences significantly increased across the State. One was trending down and the remaining 15 offences were stable.

The offence trending upwards was steal from retail store (up 6.5%). This increase is largely due to more shop stealing incidents occurring at licenced premises & supermarkets.  The most commonly stolen objects are also those driving the increase, namely theft of alcoholic liquor, cosmetics & toiletries and clothing.

Law enforcement activity

The last 2 years have seen a continued increase in law enforcement activity.

In the 24 months to June this year the number of people proceeded against to court by police rose 3% to 167,594 (up 5,223).  The increase is due to a 4% increase in adult court proceedings. 

By contrast, the number of juveniles proceeded against fell by 7%.  Decreases were seen both in the number of young people proceeded against to court and in the number formally diverted from court.  

The offences with the largest increases in charges were breach bail (up 14.7%), breach AVO (up 12.2%), intimidation & stalking (up 8.3%), steal from retail store (up 13.6%) and DV related assault (up 5.0%).

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