The effect of Lockout laws on assault: latest data 

Release Date: 12:00 noon, Friday 8 August 2019

Full report - The effect of lockout and last drinks laws on non-domestic assaults in Sydney: An update to March 2019, 285Kb


The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has updated our evaluation of the Lockout laws on assaults in Sydney for an extended follow up period. 

Over the five years following the Lockout reforms we find non-domestic assaults decreased 53% in the Kings Cross precinct and decreased 4% in the CBD Entertainment precinct. 

Over the same period assaults increased in various displacement sites.  Non-domestic assaults rose 18% in a ring of suburbs neighbouring the Lockout zone. Among a group of four alternative nightspots accessible from the city (Newtown, Double Bay, Bondi Beach and Coogee) non-domestic assaults increased by 30%.

Despite this, BOCSAR estimates the reforms delivered an overall reduction in non-domestic assaults over 5 years, with an estimated net benefit of 395 fewer non-domestic assault incidents (1350 fewer assaults in the Lockout precincts versus 955 additional assaults in the displacement sites). 

Commenting on the findings, acting executive director of BOCSAR, Jackie Fitzgerald said that while the Lockout reforms have reduced assaults, their benefit is diminishing over time.  “The effect of the reforms in Kings Cross is still strong.  However the positive impact in the CBD has fallen over the longer term.”

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