​NSW Recorded Crime Statistics quarterly update September 2021

Crime falls during 2021 COVID lockdown

Release date: Thursday 16 December 2021

Link to report summary - NSW Recorded Crime Statistics quarterly update September 2021

New statistics released today by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) show that many crimes fell sharply as a result of the second COVID-19 lockdown.

"Violent crime had returned to pre-pandemic levels by June 2021" said Jackie Fitzgerald, Executive Director at BOCSAR.  "However, since July violent offences again declined following the introduction of COVID-19 containment measures."

Property offending also fell sharply during 2020 lockdown and was still noticeably lower than pre-pandemic levels in June 2021. In line with the second lockdown property crime again fell sharply and the level of property crime in NSW is currently at the lowest level on record.

In the 24 months to September 2021 none of the 13 major crime categories were trending upwards, eight were trending downwards and the remaining five were stable. The offences trending downwards were: 

  • Murder - Down 25.0%
  • Non-domestic assault - Down 3.6%
  • Robbery - Down 13.6%
  • Break and enter dwelling - Down 11.0%
  • Motor vehicle theft - Down 9.9%
  • Steal from retail store - Down 10.9%
  • Other stealing offences - Down 12.8%
  • Malicious damage - Down 6.6%

The quarterly crime statistics report are now presented in a new reporting format. Most importantly the number of major offences focussed on has been reduced from 17 to 13 to better reflect crime patterns in NSW. 

Further enquiries: Jackie Fitzgerald, Executive Director, 0423 139 687

Email: bcsr@justice.nsw.gov.au  

Copies of the report: www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au