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Number of adults on remand in NSW the highest on record

NSW Custody Statistics: Quarterly update March 2024 

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Release date: Tuesday 14 May 2024  

The latest quarterly custody statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), show that in March 2024, the number of adults on remand in NSW was the highest on record (5,452 - up 674 or 14.1% from March 2019). In addition, the number of Aboriginal adults in prison was also the highest on record (3,841 in March 2024, up 344 or 9.8% from March 2019). 

Executive Director of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Jackie Fitzgerald, says "Domestic violence and remand are both of significant current concern. Today's release shows that in March 2024, there were more than 3,000 adults in custody for domestic violence offences in NSW, more than at any previous time and 33.9% more than in March 2019.  More than half were on remand (52.2%)" Jackie says. "The Aboriginal prison population is also at a record high, with Aboriginal adults making up 31% of the prison population. To put that in perspective, in NSW, 3.2% of adults are Aboriginal, and 1 in 29 Aboriginal men in NSW are currently incarcerated." 

The record numbers of adults on remand NSW is largely due to a rise in recorded incidents and legal actions for domestic violence, sexual assault, and intimidation/stalking offences. 

"Concerningly, NSW is no longer on track to meet its Close the Gap target to reduce the rate of Aboriginal young people in prison," Jackie says. "This increase also isn't isolated to just adults. In March 2024, there were 148 Aboriginal young people in detention, 27 more than in March 2019. Two-thirds (66.4%) of the youth detention population is now made up of Aboriginal young people, which is a new record in NSW. The overwhelming majority of Aboriginal young people in detention are on remand (78.4%), primarily for break and enter (29.3%) and car theft (22.4%).  

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