Author Don Weatherburn and Stephanie Ramsey
Published August 2016
Report Type Bureau Brief No. 117
Subject Offenders; Prisons and prisoners; Sentencing
Keywords Indigenous arrest, imprisonment, gender, age, offending

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To describe trends in Indigenous arrest rates in New South Wales for property and violent offences.


Descriptive analysis of overall and age-specific trends for property and violent crime.


Over the last 15 years in NSW the rate of Indigenous arrest for violent offences has declined by nearly 37 per cent (36.81%), while the rate of Indigenous arrest for property crime has declined by almost 33 per cent (32.95%). The falls are apparent for both males and females but are most pronounced among Indigenous arrests for violent crime for males aged 15-19 (down 55.96%) and those aged 20-24 (down 58.44%).


If these trends continue, rates of Indigenous imprisonment may stabilize or grow less rapidly than in the past few years.

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