Author Stephanie Ramsey
Published November 2016
Report Type Bureau Brief No. 121
Subject Alcohol; Assault; Lockouts / Night-time economy
Keywords The Star casino, lockout laws, assault, reporting, alcohol, violence, liquor license legislation

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To determine whether there has been any change in the rate of reporting of assaults at The Star casino by staff before and after the lockout reforms were introduced in February 2014. This paper also briefly examines the characteristics of both offenders and victims of assaults occurring at The Star casino.


Narrative descriptions of all 278 non-domestic assaults recorded by police as having occurred at The Star casino from January 2012 to June 2016 were extracted from the police database (COPS).


There was no statistically significant change in the proportion of reports of assaults emanating from staff or security at The Star casino after the introduction of the 2014 lockout reforms.

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