Author Jacqueline Fitzgerald and Suzanne Poynton
Published May 2011
Report Type Bureau Brief No. 62
Subject Theft / Property crime
Keywords Burglary, break and enter, stolen goods, dwellings, household break-ins

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To examine changes in the types of objects stolen in household burglary offences.


Comparison of police-recorded numbers, rates and rank orders of stolen objects in 2001 and 2010.


The number of recorded household burglaries in NSW has fallen by 50 per cent since 2001 and the pattern of objects stolen has changed. The theft of cash increased from 23 per cent of all home burglaries in 2001 to 31 per cent of all burglaries in 2010. The relative frequency with which a wallet/handbag/purse, keys or laptop computer were stolen in burglaries also increased over the 10 year period examined. There have been falls in the proportion of burglaries involving the theft of video and DVD players, stereos, video cameras, electrical appliances, power tools and powered garden equipment. In both 2001 and 2010 jewellery was stolen in around 1 in 5 burglaries.


The market for stolen goods has changed considerably over the last 10 years with a shift toward cash and other easily disposed of items.

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