Author Emma Birdsey
Published January 2013
Report Type Bureau Brief No. 83
Subject Crime statistics; Domestic violence
Keywords crime statistics, domestic abuse, domestic violence, harassment, intimidation, private nuisance, stalking, threatening behaviour

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The current study has two aims. The first is to investigate whether there has been any change in the characteristics of intimidation in recent years that might inform which types of offences are becoming more common. The second aim is to investigate whether the characteristics of intimidation related to domestic violence (DV) have changed over time.


Characteristics of intimidation incidents across 2006-2011 were collated from the NSW Police database. Additional information was coded from 600 free-text event narratives for intimidation incidents across 3 years (2006, 2008, 2010). Analyses tested whether characteristics of intimidation incidents changed over this period. Analyses were carried out for intimidation and for intimidation related to DV separately.


Intimidation related to DV increased over time. Intimidation and intimidation related to DV involving injured victims also increased. In intimidation related to DV, male POIs decreased and female POIs increased, and male victims increased and female victims decreased over time. The relationship of unknown POI differed over time, however there was no change in other relationship types. The type of intimidation and the location did not change. Additionally, there was no change over time in intimidation and intimidation related to DV with a weapon, face to face contact, AVO issued/applied for, or prior AVO.


Intimidation related to DV is driving the overall increase in intimidation observed in NSW over recent years.

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