Author Lucy Snowballand Susan Spratley
Published June 2013
Report Type Bureau Brief No. 87
Subject Alcohol; Assault; Lockouts / Night-time economy
Keywords assaults, licensed premises, liquor licenses

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To determine whether changes to legislation and regulation of licensed premises have affected the willingness of staff in both Top 100 and unranked premises to report assaults on licensed premises.


A random sample of 1600 assaults over the period from January 2008 and December 2011, half from Top 100 premises and half from unranked premises. Kendall’s test for trend was used to determine whether there had been a change in behaviour over the period.


No change was detected in either series.


The changes to legislation and regulation do not appear to have affected staff reporting rates in either Top 100 or unranked licensed premises overall. However changes in the behaviour of individual licensed premises cannot be ruled out.

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