Author Winifred Agnew-Pauley
Published October 2014
Report Type Bureau Brief No. 99
Subject Alcohol; Assault; Lockouts / Night-time economy
Keywords assault, licensed premises, reporting, top 100 licensed premises, liquor license legislation

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To determine whether there has been any change in the rate of reporting of assaults on licensed premises by staff in 2012-2013 in both the top 100 and unranked licensed premises for assaults. This paper also briefly examines the characteristics of both offenders and victims of assaults on licensed premises.


A random sample of 800 assaults (400 from top 100 premises and 400 from unranked premises) from January 2012 to December 2013 were tabulated and coded for relevant information. SPSS was then used to determine proportions of victims and offenders in various categories and any trends in reporting. Trend tests were carried out using χ2 .


There was no statistically significant trend in the proportion of reports of assaults emanating from staff on licensed premises.

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