Author Lily Trimboli
Published February 2012
Report Type Crime and Justice Bulletin No. 159
Subject Court processes and delay; Mental health; Recidivism / Re-offending; Evaluation reports
Keywords court-based intervention, re-offending, treatment, community courts

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To describe CREDIT’s key operating characteristics and satisfaction of participants and key stakeholders.


Descriptive analyses were conducted on data held in the CREDIT database, and interviews were conducted with 122 program participants and 54 stakeholders.


Over the two-year pilot period, CREDIT received 719 referrals, conducted 637 assessments and had 451 participants. Most defendants referred for treatment had their referral accepted. Almost all participants interviewed were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with both the support they received from CREDIT staff and with their own progress on the program; 95.9% reported that their life had changed for the better by being on the program. Stakeholders’ opinions of the pilot program were positive. Their recommendations included an extension of the program, an enhancement of relevant services, programs and transport options in the catchment areas and clarification of the relationship between CREDIT and other court-based programs.


The CREDIT program is strongly supported by stakeholders and participants.

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