Author Sara Rahman
Published December 2018
Report Type Crime and Justice Bulletin No. 220
Subject Domestic violence; Statistical methods and modelling
Keywords Intimate partner violence, risk assessment, logistic regression

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To identify factors associated with the risk of experiencing repeat intimate partner assault.


A subset of 336 individuals who reported experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) in the 12 months prior to participating in the ABS Personal Safety Survey 2016 was identified, 145 (43.2%) of whom experienced repeat victimisation involving assault. Population-weighted logistic regression models were used to estimate the likelihood of experiencing repeat IPV involving assault in the 12 months prior to survey response.


The best population-weighted logistic regression model indicated that the following factors significantly correlate with experience of repeat IPV assault: experience of emotional abuse in the most recent 12 months, socioeconomic disadvantage and remoteness of a person’s area of residence, low educational attainment and disability status. This model correctly classified 69.3 per cent of cases and had acceptable levels of discrimination (AUC=.760).


Victim experience of emotional abuse and sociodemographic factors are potentially useful factors for inclusion in risk assessment tools to identify victims at risk of repeat IPV.

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