Author NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
Published June 1982
Report Type General Report Series
Subject Audits; Court statistics; Custody statistics

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The research contained in this report was conducted by Nina Stevenson, an honours student in Law at the University of New South Wales. She was supervised in her research by John Basten, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University and by Alan Jeffrey Sutton, as the Director of the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. The thesis written by Ms Stevenson for the University is reproduced in this report with only minor editing. It is therefore longer than the normal Bureau report, does not contain any recommendations and has perhaps a rather more academic flavour. Nevertheless it concerns an important topic; the nature of the evidence presented in a sample of cases appearing at the District Court of New South Wales. The information in the report is of considerable value to all those concerned about the incidence and nature of the confessional evidence accepted by the court.