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Alcohol-related violence

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This page presents data on alcohol-related offences in NSW. We present offences with the highest proportions of alcohol-related incidents, then focus on the characteristics of alcohol-related domestic assault and non-domestic assault incidents.

Other data available: Alcohol related violence tables (suburb or LGA excel file)

The first chart shows the number of incidents of selected offences and the proportion of incidents which were flagged by the NSW Police as 'alcohol-related'.

The second chart shows the 10 year trends in the number of incidents of alcohol-related assaults by region.

The third chart shows the regional variation in the rate of incidents of alcohol-related assaults per 100,000 population (with darker colours indicating higher rates).

The following chart shows the premise type where alcohol-related assault incidents occurred.

The final chart shows the time and day when alcohol-related assault incidents occurred (with darker colours indicating a greater number of incidents).