Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

BOCSAR's Applied Research in Crime and Justice Conference 2015:

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​Professor Doris Leyton MacKenzie​PennStateReducing the Criminal Activities of Offenders

- link to YouTube presentation from Professor Doris Leyton MacKenzie

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​Professor James Ogloff​Swinbourne University of Technology​Changing the Focus: Moving from a Specific to General Model of Offending - Link to YouTube presentation from Professor James Ogloff​on request
​Professor David Weisburd​George Mason UniversityHot Spots of Crime and Crime Prevention

- link to YouTube presentation from Professor Weisburd

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​Professor Jenny Williams​Melbourne UniversityDelinquency, Arrest and Early School Leaving

- link to YouTube presentation from Professor Williams

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​Other Presenters




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Eileen BaldryUniversity of New South WalesUsing linked and merged multi-sourced individual administrative data to inform justice policy, programs and practice1.4 Mb
Christine Bond & Samantha JeffriesGriffith UniversityAlternatives to prison: Exploring the non-custodial sentencing of domestic violence offenders in New South Wales’ Lower Courts217 Kb
Lisa BroidyGriffith UniversityLife course offending patterns across gender and indigenous status in an Australian birth cohort1.7 Mb
Ophelia Cowell & Russell TaylorTreasury NSWPiloting the Washington State approach to public policy in NSW667 Kb
Louisa DegenhardtNDARC, University of New South WalesExamining treatment, crime, imprisonment and mortality among people with a history of treatment for opioid dependence: OST reduces crime and mortality risks794 Kb
Susan DennisonGriffith UniversityClosing the gap or perpetuating inequality? Indigenous paternal imprisonment and the next generation5.1 Mb
Neil Donnelly,
Patricia Menendez and
Nicole Mahoney
NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and ResearchThe effect of liquor licence concentrations in local areas on rates of assault in NSW 1.9 Mb
Mark Finnane, Amanda Kaladelfos and Yorick SmaalGriffith UniversityChild sexual abuse in historical perspective: what did the law know and how did it act?575 Kb
Robin FitzgeraldUniversity of QueenslandSignalling desistance? The role of prison-based vocational training programs1.2 Mb
Matt FrizeCommunity Justice Program, NSW Family & Community ServicesAssessing Short-Term Risk of Reoffending in People with an Intellectual Disability in NSW6.9 Mb
Jennifer GalouzisCorrective Services NSWPredicting return to prison using the Criminal Reimprisonment Estimate Scale2.6 Mb
Wayne HallThe University of Queensland Centre for Youth Substance Abuse ResearchUsing wastewater to monitor illicit drug use in the population1.4 Mb
Ross HomelGriffith UniversityTaking developmental crime prevention to scale: Building capacity for the CREATE experiment in disadvantaged communities across Australia10.3 Mb
Caitlin HughesNDARC, University of New South WalesThe deterrent effects of drug detection dogs on drug use in NSW, Australia2.3 Mb
Kypros KypriUniversity of NewcastleEffects of lowering the alcohol minimum purchasing age on weekend hospitalised assaults in New Zealand2.3 Mb
Michael LivingstonNDARC, University of New South WalesThe longitudinal relationship between alcohol availability and family violence in Victoria6.2 Mb
Max MallerData Linkage, Western AustraliaThe AART of predicting reoffending: an Australian Actuarial Risk Assessment Tool (AART)7.0 Mb
Paul MazerolleGriffith UniversityAre our young people out of control… and do we even know?  An epidemiological perspective on youth crime in Australia1.5 Mb
Ruth McCauslandUniversity of New South WalesAboriginal women’s access to diversionary programs in NSW774 Kb
Patricia Menendez, Fernando Tusell & Don WeatherburnNSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and ResearchThe effects of liquor licensing restriction on alcohol related violence in NSW, 2008-2013789 Kb
Peter MillerDeakin UniversityIndividual and situational predictors of harm in the night-time economy7.4 Mb
Anthony MorganAustralian Institute of CriminologyThe impact of community-based drug and alcohol treatment on reoffending in Indigenous communities899 Kb
Stuart Ross & Karen GelbUniversity of Melbourne & University of Western SydneyMethodological considerations in measuring the effectiveness of treatment programs on reoffending87 Kb
Rick Sarre & Judy PuttUniversity of South AustraliaPolicing the Cross Border region2.3 Mb
Kevin SchnepelUniversity of SydneyGood jobs and recidivism2.6 Mb
Rosemary Sheehan &
Allan Borowski
La Trobe University & Monash UniversityAustralia’s Children’s Courts: The findings of a “National Assessment”522 Kb
David Tait & Karen GelbUniversity of Western SydneyThe effectiveness of suspended sentences in reducing reoffending: What can we learn from the NSW experience?709 Kb
Carleen ThompsonGriffith UniversityExamining adult-onset offending: A case for adult cautioning409 Kb
Lily TrimboliNSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and ResearchLegal service for defendants in Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs): An evaluation154 Kb