Crime hits a new low
NSW Recorded Crime Statistics 2016

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Embargo: 10.30am, Monday 3 April 2017

Crime across most of NSW has either remained stable or fallen over the last two years. The only major offence to have increased across the State during this period was steal from retail store (up 6.1%). This offence has now been trending upwards for six successive quarters.

The premises reporting the greatest increases last year were: supermarkets (incidents increased 16.9% which accounted for 59% of the total increase in retail theft), department stores (incidents increased 11.6% accounting for 24% of the total increase in retail theft) and shopping complexes (incidents increased 6.2% accounting for 14% of the total increase in retail theft).

The most commonly stolen items are liquor, clothing, personal items such as cosmetics, toiletries and razors followed by food (including beverages and confectionary).

The offences trending down were:

  1. robbery without a weapon (down 13.3%);
  2. robbery with a weapon not a firearm (down 13.9%);
  3. break and enter dwelling (down 6.2%);
  4. motor vehicle theft (down 7.3%);
  5. steal from person (down 13.3%);
  6. fraud (down 3.9%).

The Central Coast and Western NSW have experienced significant increases in crime over the two year period between January 2015 and December 2016.

The Central Coast experienced a significant increase in five of the 17 major offences: domestic assault (up 21.5%), indecent assault (up 21.6%), break and enter-dwelling (up 12.6%), steal from motor vehicle (up 18.1%) and malicious damage to property (up 8.3%).

The Far West and Orana have experienced significant increases in four major property offences: break and enter-dwelling (up 22.4%), motor vehicle theft (up 34.8%), steal from retail store (up 28.3%) and steal from dwelling (up 13.7%).

The growth in crime in the Far West and Orana is particularly concerning because the crime rates in these areas are already more than twice, and in some cases more than three times the State average.

Commenting on the results the Director of the Bureau, Dr Don Weatherburn, said that he was amazed at the continuing fall in robbery and high volume property crime.

"Most people don't realize it but rates of robbery in NSW are now back to where they were in the late 1970s. Rates of home burglary and motor vehicle theft are the lowest they've been since records began."

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